FIP MOV 2 – Nature-Based Solutions Focused on the Brazilian Amazon was launched in December 2022 and will have a duration of 12 years. Its goal is to support businesses that promote and strengthen a new development paradigm in the Amazon region, reconciling biome regeneration, quality of life, and economic development through Bioeconomy and Innovation.

The fund invests in businesses that value forests, reverse deforestation, regenerate degraded areas, and promote social well-being and prosperity in the Amazon region. It adopts specific strategies for each stage of forest degradation (preserved forest, degraded forest, deforested areas, and degraded areas), in addition to paying attention to the challenges of Amazonian cities, where more than 28 million Brazilians reside.

Its investment theses are:

  1. Bioeconomy, Agriculture, and Forests
  2. Healthy Food for People and the Planet
  3. Education for the Future of Work
  4. Enablers of Sustainable Development

Companies currently in the portfolio:

Symbiomics: A biotechnology company that develops fertilizers, stimulants, and biological pesticides for agriculture based on microorganisms present in the soil. Invested in since 2022.


FIP MOV 1 was formally launched in 2015 with a duration of 10 years. Focusing on the theses of Biodiversity & Forests, Sustainable Cities, and Education, the fund invested in the following companies:

  1. Biofílica Environmental Investments S.A.: Focused on forest regeneration and conservation through the production, certification, and commercialization of environmental credits, primarily carbon credits. Invested in since August 2008. In 2021, Ambipar took control of the company, which was then renamed Biofílica Ambipar Environment.

  2. EBES Energy Systems S.A., now known as Órigo Energia: An organization committed to popularizing the use of distributed solar energy in Brazil. Invested in since March 2011.

  3. Terra Nova Land Regularization Ltda.: A company that provides conflict mediation services for socially-interesting land regularization in irregularly occupied urban areas. Investment made in March 2013.

  4. TriCiclos Sustainable Materials Management S.A.: An organization focused on providing innovative circular economy solutions. Invested in since June 2014.

  5. Tuneduc Business Advisory Ltda., currently known as Por A + B: A company aiming to improve education through knowledge generation and evidence-based practices. Invested in since 2016.

  6. Audsat Risk Management and Monitoring: A remote sensing and monitoring company for land and forest use in Brazil. Invested in 2018. In 2022, FIP MOV 1 sold its stake to SCCON Geospatial partners.

  7. Sollar Energy Systems: A company aimed at the solar energy generation market for low-income households. Received a small investment from the fund in 2019 and was discontinued a few months later.

In total, the MOV team analyzed 1,477 opportunities to make these 7 investments.

In 2015, 2016, and 2018, FIP MOV 1 received the GIIRS (Global Impact Investment Rating System) certification, one of the main systems for assessing the social and environmental impact of funds globally, developed by B-Lab. This certification is based on the B Impact Assessment of each company in our portfolio and the Fund’s Practices Assessment. The figure below shows the assessment of portfolio companies at that time, as well as the overall fund assessment:


[1] GIIRS assessment for funds was discontinued in 2019. [2] The company Tuneduc was renamed Por A+B starting in 2020.

In the first two assessments, FIP MOV 1 was among the top-performing funds, recognized as one of the 50 Best for The World Funds. In 2018, FIP MOV 1 was ranked in the Top 10 in categories such as Governance Impact Business Model & Operations, Environment Impact Business Model & Operations, Workers Operations, and Community Impact Business Model.